The Salary, Cost of Living, and Student Debt Equation


In the search for your perfect teaching job, there are a lot of compensation-related factors to consider.

A Better Path


The Path to Teach (PTT) website is new and improved. We're adding features to make it easier for future teachers like you to find your best college.

Great District Profile: District of Columbia Public Schools


Choosing the right district for you is not easy if you don't have the right information.

Great Districts for Great Teachers


For teachers, finding satisfaction in their classroom, school, and district is key to longevity and success.

From Good To Great: Teacher Evaluations For the Next Generation


For a student contemplating a career in teaching, the stress over selecting the best education program is inherently related to her desire to be an effective teacher. After all, being effective means one's students are learning -- and being rated effective has implications for job security, salary, and opportunities for promotion.

Charter Schools and Future Teachers


Now that Betsy DeVos has been confirmed as the Secretary of Education, questions about how she will run the Department will soon be answered. What is clear from her past advocacy work and Senate confirmation hearing is that she strongly supports school choice and the expansion of public charter schools.

So what does the potential for more charter expansion mean for the training of future teachers?

Lyft for Education Schools


Apps like Tinder and Lyft are shaping how millennials make decisions and teacher preparation programs need to lead in "meeting applicants where they are" by building on what they already trust and use everyday. Teacher preparations programs could benefit from a tool modeled after Lyft.

Tinder and Match Making for Educators: Building a Student Profile for the Right Education Program


For thousands of high school seniors, the winter break brings more than just dreams of their ensuing freedom as graduation nears; it brings news of college acceptance letters and emails. For those who applied early admission, the break brings relief from the grueling waiting game of whether their Dream School feels as good about them as they feel about the school.

Preschool Certification: Finding Your Way Through the Maze


Following up on our last post, How You Can Become a Preschool Teacher, we go more in-depth about the steps to obtain your preschool certification.

How You Can Become a Preschool Teacher


Interested in teaching preschool? We've compiled a guide to help prospective students find a high-quality preschool teacher prep program.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Teach... Are New Teachers Ready from the Start?


Teacher Dina Rock reflects on whether new teachers are being given the necessary tools to be great teachers in the classroom. With the advent of edtech, shouldn't teachers be given innovative tools in their teacher prep programs to help them be better teachers and improve student learning? Dina reflects on these questions and offers some of the resources she feels have helped her in her teaching career. What are the resources that help you in the classroom? Tweet @PathtoTeach to share yours!

So You're Considering Alternative Certification?


Not all alternative certification programs are created equal. They vary greatly in how they'll train you, how long they take and how their graduates do as teachers. Check out our post for tips on what questions you should ask of any alternative certification program to make sure you get the best possible training and experience.

Finding your path into teaching


Most teachers enter the teaching profession by getting their Bachelor's degree in education. However, some people decide to enter teaching after they have received a degree in another field. This blog will explain the difference between a degree in education and alternative certification.

Teacher salaries - what to expect


In this post, you will learn how teachers are paid, what kind of salaries you can expect, and some tips on what to look out for as you think about your own potential salary as a teacher. 

Getting a teaching certificate after your bachelor's degree


For many people, the call to teach isn't heard until after they've received their college degree. At times this change can be overwhelming due to the various programs and types of certifications available. To better assist you in this transition, we explain the various programs available and the differences between each one.  

Baptism by fire: How I started my teaching career


A seasoned teacher shares her first teaching experience, as a long-term substitute science teacher in an inner city school.  

How To Get Your Teacher Certificate in 7 Steps


For people who have a Bachelor's degree, but have decided teaching is the right path for them, there can be a lot of confusion around getting a teacher certificate. These 7 steps can help minimize the confusion and get you into the classroom. 

Do you need a teacher certificate?


In this post, we'll answer the common question of whether or not you need a teaching certificate to teach. We also look at the differences between a traditional and alternative teaching certification.

Student Teaching: why you should be thinking about it NOW


Student teaching is a vital part of your teacher education. But some student teaching experiences are better than others. In this post, a veteran teacher shares her experience mentoring future teachers and advice on how to make sure you get the most out of this key aspect of teacher training. 

Want to Teach Like a Champion? Read this book


Our review of Teach Like a Champion 2.0 by Doug Lemov, one of the most useful books out there for aspiring teachers. Hear why it is a must-read for anyone hoping to learn the secret methods used by the most high-performing teachers. 

After Three Decades of Teaching, A Letter to My Aspiring-Teacher Self


A veteran teacher with nearly three decades of classroom teaching experience writes a letter to her younger, high-school-senior self on the importance of choosing a quality college of education. 

TeachLivE offers a new twist on practice teaching


A new technology allows teacher candidates to (virtually) step in front of the classroom early on in their teacher training. Find out how it works and which education programs are using it in our latest post. 

How to make learning stick for your students


There are six strategies you can use to help your students learn and remember new material. Learn about what they are and how you can use them.

$40 million is a terrible thing to waste...


Learn about a new NCTQ report that studies what textbooks are teaching new teachers about how to make their students' learning stick...and what they aren't.