You know where to go to judge restaurant quality. Now you know where to go to compare colleges of education, or teacher prep programs. 

Like Zagat has helped millions find restaurants that meet their quality needs, Path to Teach empowers millions with quality indicators that allow them to make an educated decision in choosing an education school.

Compare top teacher education programs by viewing ratings of teacher degree programs and teacher program reviews. Before you launch into this next step in your career, compare teaching training programs to determine which one is the best for you. Those in the classroom will tell you: few things are as important as teacher preparation.

Path to Teach evaluates schools for teaching degrees that require in person participation, as well as those that offer online teacher degrees.

Path to Teach does not provide education college rankings - we instead grade each education college for which information is available, and further disclose details on cost and location so you can determine which school should be top on your list.