We've put together a collection of resources to help you on your path to teaching. Check out our video library to hear from our experts about what makes a great teacher prep program and check out our rankings to find the Best Value Colleges of Education.

Video Library

Learn more about our research by watching interviews with our staff about important elements of teacher preparation.

  • Classroom Management Path to Teach

    March 2016

    NCTQ staff talk about the classroom management strategies you need to learn and how you can tell if a teacher preparation program teaches them.

  • Student Teaching Path to Teach

    March 2016

    NCTQ staff members chat about one of the most important parts of teacher preparation-student teaching.

  • Early Reading Path to Teach

    March 2016

    Learn from NCTQ staff members what future elementary teachers need to know about teaching reading.

  • Content Knowledge Path to Teach

    April 2016

    Hear from NCTQ staff about why content knowledge is important and some ideas for making sure you know the subject you're going to teach.


Beyond the program grades that appear on Path to Teach, we've also ranked colleges of education on more specialized factors.  Check out the lists below to learn more!

Best Value Colleges of Education
These colleges of education do a great job at preparing you for the classroom AND they're affordable.

Best Teacher Prep Programs for Content Knowledge
Looking for a college that will provide you with enough content knowledge about the subjects you're going to teach?  This list will tell you where to find it!

Top Teacher Prep Programs for Common Core
These programs are the best in the country for preparing their graduates to teach to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).


Checklist for Choosing a College of Education

Most in Demand Teaching Degrees                          

Questions to Ask on Your College Visit 

Which Education Degree Is Right for Me?

Top 5 Tips for Paying for College

Top 5 Elements to Consider When Choosing a College of Education

Top 3 Tips for College Applications

Additional Online Resources

Looking for more information about applying to college or becoming a teacher?  Check out these resources for help!

FAFSA-Free Application for Federal Student Aid
Apply for federal financial aid

College scholarship for future teachers who want to teach in a low-income area

Educators Rising
Join a group of aspiring teachers and get hands-on experience while in high school

Learn about the teaching profession, including how to become certified to teach

Free informational site made for teachers by teachers. Aims to empower prospective, new and veteran teachers by providing detailed information intended to help them thrive and advance in their careers 


Check out our infographics library below!