A lot of information exists online to help those who are exploring becoming a teacher. But what has not existed - until now - is one search tool that allows users to access and search indicators of education school quality, overall, and by area of teacher preparation, such as classroom management or preparation to teach reading.

Path to Teach empowers students to make the right choices, particularly when it comes to their time, money and careers - to get on the path of making an informed choice. Within two minutes, guidance counselors, students and others can locate teacher preparation schools that have passed through a quality review, discovering which ones rate the highest, and learn details on their tuition requirements and location.

Why consider education school ratings? For any big life decision you make, it is useful to do your homework first. Path to Teach makes it easy to access reviews on education schools and compare your choices.

A teaching degree is only good if you are prepared for daily life in the classroom. By using Path to Teach, you can be assured that you have considered all available consumer information and confident that you are making the best choice.

Not sure how to narrow down possible schools, or choose between your top choices? Path to Teach ratings can help you narrow down your search and move you closer toward securing your own degree in education.